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I'm a 30 something textile artists, wife, stay at home mom to a happy little girl and a modern day home maker trying to stay true to my Southern California roots as I navigate living in Southern Louisiana.
This blog will cover a bit of sewing, cooking, green living and everything in between. I'll be showing you how to do the things I love and enjoy, as well as trying some new things a long the way.

Miss.Chastain's is the design shop of Sarah's the shop  is focused on maintaining a connection to our fore-mothers through the rich heritage of needle works passed down through the generations. Miss. Chastain's head designer ;Sarah Rizzo, started sewing at the age of 7. Her first completely independent project was a recreation of the American Girls "Felicity" dress - a colonial reproduction. She learned to crochet a year later, with the Happy Hookers group at the local senior center. Thousands of dish cloths, baby layettes, afgans and garments later, she ventured into creating lace with threads. Sarah now has a passion for antique Irish lace reproduction, and lace jewelry creation. Sarah is an award winning costumer, having a love for all things historical. Her outstanding designs are worn worldwide in Victorian, Regency, Civil War, Renaissance and Medieval faires. Additionally her work has been worn in off Broadway theater, the Intersect Dance Theater, and Celebrate Dance 2011. Sarah studied Costuming, Pattern Design, as well was Fashion Design at Phoenix College She also writes a blog, with helpful needle art tips a long with life tips based in the wisdom, of needle arts.  Miss. Chsatsin's, offers you unique one of a kind items made from experienced loving hands ~ just like your Grandmothers or Great Grandmothers used to do. Each piece is made with a revenue for the art. Miss. Chsatain's, is based in Lafayette LA

Monday, November 27, 2017

Really what is with people!

So I'm at the doctor with my mother, she is having other biopic on her breast. So it's a long wait knowing this I came ready to wait. Things to eat and drink, things for my little one to play with and work for me to do, becaus she will fall asleep and or play by her self and I can then work. So I find my self a place in the way back of the waiting room out of the way so she has room and so that when she wants to nurse it doesn't bother anyone. You see I'm not one to cover and I'm not one to go to the bathroom, but I do understand that it can bother some people so I do want I can with In What I feel is best but her.
You can tell I don't want to be bothered, everyone in the waiting room gets it they have said oh how sweet or cute the little one is and let it go and gone back to doing thier thing. All but this one older couple. The wife saw me when she first came in the husband didnt and had just found a sit by other people. But that sit was no good for the wife, you see at the time everyone else in the waiting room was black the wife didn't want to sit with them she made home get up and come sit by me. Then starts in on how to raise kids ok I get that everyone feels they need to tell a mother with a young child what they did no big deal. But then it starts the bull shit talk with saying things like those people. Talking about how ca they afored that phone, they most me on free health care that's how. It just pisses me off so much when people are like that, for so many reason  one becuase its just wrong! Two if it hadn't been for the goverment health care my mothers cancer wouldn't have been found because even with her working full time, but her work at the time being a small none profit, that paid ok but not where she could buy insurance and because of her age and what she made she couldn't get and of the health care before Obma care. So when I here people bitching about it it upsets me becuase its what saved my mothers life!
I don't care if your older or not acting in that way is not ok! Not wanting to sit by people becuase of the color of thier skin is so backwards it's sick!