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Miss.Chastain's is focused on maintaining a connection to our fore-mothers through the rich heritage of needle works passed down through the generations. Miss. Chastain's head designer ;Sarah Rizzo, started sewing at the age of 7. Her first completely independent project was a recreation of the American Girls "Felicity" dress - a colonial reproduction. She learned to crochet a year later, with the Happy Hookers group at the local senior center. Thousands of dish cloths, baby layettes, afgans and garments later, she ventured into creating lace with threads. Sarah now has a passion for antique Irish lace reproduction, and lace jewelry creation. Sarah is an award winning costumer, having a love for all things historical. Her outstanding designs are worn worldwide in Victorian, Regency, Civil War, Renaissance and Medieval faires. Additionally her work has been worn in off Broadway theater, the Intersect Dance Theater, and Celebrate Dance 2011. Sarah studied Costuming, Pattern Design, as well was Fashion Design at Phoenix College She also writes a blog, with helpful needle art tips a long with life tips based in the wisdom, of needle arts.  Miss. Chsatsin's, offers you unique one of a kind items made from experienced loving hands ~ just like your Granny or Great Granny used to do. Each piece is made with a revenue for the art. Miss. Chsatain's, is based in Lafayette LA

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Chickenpox update

We have been very lucky I have to say. Even with Michael having the chickenpox they haven't been to bad and o think that's because as soon as the spots came up we were at the ER with in two days of seeing them. I do wish we had gotten the in a day earlier, but we frist thought it was a reaction to new laundry detergent. But the antiviral meds really do make a big difference. However it's still been hard to get sewing work done and taking care of him making sure he takes the meds five times a day. But some how between making soup and making sure his getting enough fluid along with applying lots of calamine lotion. I was able to get some things crocheted, ironically a pair of baby mittens to keep from scratching very vintage style
They are a very light blue and I love the way they came out, soft and sweet. The other thing I was able to make was a pair of little booties in a mint green with a lilac trim and yellow tie. 

They Match the little sweater that I finished a few days ago. 
It's funny who they look so different in color, light really does make a difference they're made out of the exact same skein of yarn. In person they match completely it's all about the color when you taking photos.
Even with not being able to hid away on my sewing room it's nice to be able to create somethings. Keep an eye out for this or other new things added to the shop misschastains.etsy.com 

ER visit

So we had an ER visit tonight when Michael came home from work. Sadly he has chickenpox, now they suck when your a kid but can be deadly as an adult. But thank god we got him in to the hospital early and come meds. I just hope that they help and that it's not to bad for him. Now you maybe asking how did he get them, he had got and gotten the chickenpox vaccine and ended up getting chickenpox from that, something we didn't know could happen becuase his Dr. Didn't tell us that but here we are, and I'm just hoping that it's not to bad for him. 

Friday, July 22, 2016


Just finished some more crocheting, the a/c is back working but it's stil a little to hot to be sewing. So to Break up time of handsewing I'm doing some crocheting! Here is the latest thing that I finished, so now that I'm finished with this little sweater back to some hand sewing on that lovely Victorian travel suits in all plaid got to get that finished keep an eye out for it it will be coming shortly to the shop, and this little create sweater also might be coming to the shop along with some other very cute little things

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Growing food from "scraps "

NSo I decided that I would regrow my green onions from the ends that I would typically cut off and throw away. I did cut them a little bit longer than I normally would however I'm pretty sure this would work just fine if I had cut them smaller as well. I forgot to take a picture of them yesterday when I first did them, but here they are date to and they are already starting to get green centers and sprout new life so they will be going into the garden shortly went through a little bit more Stabley.
The first picture is of the routes and the second picture is from looking down on them

To do this yourself is really easy you can do this with salary as well the end that you cut off and normally would just doorway you place it in a cup or a Nother dish with some water covering the root system that is there and wait a few days. What you end up getting is a nice start to a plant of something that you are going to purchase again and using your kitchen so now you can grow it yourself.

Monday, July 11, 2016

New sweeter

Crazy as it is to a lot of people because it's still summer but I'm making sweaters of all kinds. This is the adult one that I just finished in a great sea blue with grey trim. I have been crocheting a lot of baby this this summer but this is the first adult thing I have crocheted, and I have to say this is one of my favorite sweaters I have made in along time. But in a few days I'll take some good photos my husband did take one do that I can share it but the workroom is sadly closed to me right now as the a/c is still out. So much sure you keep looking back at my etsy shop for this sweeter and other new things as they are always being added🙂. 
Coming soon to the shop misschastains.etsy.com 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

hot summer day

so sadly on this hot summer day my a/c stopped working. Good this is that for the most part my house isn't to hot. But my work room that's other story so it was a very no work day, hopeful I'll be able to work in there this week. It does rain some afternoons in the summer so that did help to cool it down, now just t make it it Monday when they can come and fix it.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy 4th of July

Well its a little early but not but much so Happy 4th of July!!
I'll be enjoying the day and well the weekend by doing something around the house. But also doing so drafting, for some reenactment clothing, starting with a ruffled petticoat.

a few photos of me working in the shop!!

don't forever get to keep an eye out for this and much more coming to the shop