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Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Five W's of cloth wipes

If you are or going to be cloth diapering then cloth wipes maybe something that you'll want to do as well. There are a number of reason why you may find yourself wanting to know how to go about making your own cloth wipes. That is till you start thinking about how to do it and what does it take, but its truly a lot easier then you would think. I think that there are five things you need to know when making cloth wipes, that's it just 5. Why only 5 well because that's really all it takes but then most of all because as a mom you want things that are not only good for your family but that are fast easies and low cost. I have broken the 5 need to knows of cloth wipes for you.

But then you start thinking...

What do I need to make wipes?

- Container with lid
- Washcloths 48 or fabric to make wipes in the size you want ( I use baby washcloths that I picked up for $4.99 for 24 of them at Ross I find them to be the right size)
- Water ( Purified or boiled)
- Witch Hazel (12-16 oz)
- Essential oils ( Tea Tree, and Lavender are what I use)

What do I store wipes in?

- Container with lid and air whole or you can not close the lid all the way
you don't need to spend a lot of a container I picked up a food storage container at the Dollar Tree, it's the right size for my space but also for the 48 wipes that I make at a time.

What does it cost to make wipes?

the cost is about $3.50 a week, I'm sure your thinking that cant be right so here is the brake down
$1.50-$2.00 Witch Hazel ( its $1.oo for a 6oz bottle at the Dollar Tree $1.50 for a 16oz bottle at Wall-Mart)
 you are going to buy a bottle of Essential ones ever 6 months or lager because you are using about 6 drops or 10, so it ends up being a few cents for each time you make wipes
water if your using bottled water its going to be a little more you need two of them size 20 oz size ore you can boil water just let it cool before mixing

What do I do about cleaning the wipes?

this is really easy you wash them, that's right you just put them in the washer. (I just put mine in with the diapers washer and drier you don't get much easier) when they are clean you just put them in the bottom of the container under the unused ones

What do I do about taking them with me when I'm out and about?

you just put some of them in a Ziploc bag that's it!

                                    The Recipe

Mix in a 2 cup mixing cup
 6-8oz Witch Hazel
add 6-10 Essential oil
8oz water
pour over wipes in container then

mix remaining water and Witch Hazel and pour over wipes

that's it you have now made cloth wipes!!!

this will make wipes for about a week, you just add the dry wipes to the bottom as you wash them after use, when wipes in container no longer moist mix up more.