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Miss.Chastain's is focused on maintaining a connection to our fore-mothers through the rich heritage of needle works passed down through the generations. Miss. Chastain's head designer ;Sarah Rizzo, started sewing at the age of 7. Her first completely independent project was a recreation of the American Girls "Felicity" dress - a colonial reproduction. She learned to crochet a year later, with the Happy Hookers group at the local senior center. Thousands of dish cloths, baby layettes, afgans and garments later, she ventured into creating lace with threads. Sarah now has a passion for antique Irish lace reproduction, and lace jewelry creation. Sarah is an award winning costumer, having a love for all things historical. Her outstanding designs are worn worldwide in Victorian, Regency, Civil War, Renaissance and Medieval faires. Additionally her work has been worn in off Broadway theater, the Intersect Dance Theater, and Celebrate Dance 2011. Sarah studied Costuming, Pattern Design, as well was Fashion Design at Phoenix College She also writes a blog, with helpful needle art tips a long with life tips based in the wisdom, of needle arts.  Miss. Chsatsin's, offers you unique one of a kind items made from experienced loving hands ~ just like your Granny or Great Granny used to do. Each piece is made with a revenue for the art. Miss. Chsatain's, is based in Lafayette LA

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Back to designing

I know that to most people in the USA taking three months off after having a baby is crazy because here that's a long time, however I do know that a l of country's women are able to take off a year or more and fathers get to take time as well. So when I tell people that no I'm not going back to my part time job and putting my child in day care, because let's just be  honest for me to pay for really good child care I and have money after that to make working  even close to profitable for me I would be working and you truly never spent any time with my new baby. 
 So when I say I haven't done any design work for three months its seen in a mixed way. But designing is my  passion in life however I have enjoyed spending this time with the new baby so I haven't had much energy or desire to want to do any designing. That is till now and she started to sleep more and started to have  a bit more independence,  well as much independence as a three month old can be, content to be in her bouncer things like that. Getting back to designing has been great going through the creative process thinking about what it is I wanted to schedule out my idea and now getting my dress form already so that's the right body size and take out what I want to design. Now th next step is to drap  going through the creative process thinking about what it is I wanted to schedule out my idea and now getting my dress form already so that's the right body size and take out what I want to design. Now the next step is to drap it,  I preferred to treat me that way I can change idea as I'm seen it come to life and I know what it is I want to change right a way versus a fat pattern-making.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Postpartum Body

I don't truly understand the societies obsession  trying to bounce back as fast as possible to do a pre-baby body after the delivery of the baby. I for one find it to be an unrealistic expectation as well as an unhealthy one. You have done something  amazing by growing and giving life to a person, if your breastfeeding the  toll  That this puts on your body doesn't stop till you stop breastfeeding! We are told over and over how doing this is a miracle  and great thing but at the same time we are told to not let our selfs go and to do what ever we can to not look as if we have had a baby. Why is this? I for one don't want my per baby body back, because I'm not that same person so why would I want to tr and look as if I haven't changed. Now I'm not saying I don't want to loss some if not all the weight I put on but I don't  have a burning desire to try and do it absolutely as fast as I can or even to look exactly  the way I did before. I just want to make sure I'm healthy being a size 2 isn't the only way to be healthy is so much more then being  thin!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Breastfeeding out and about

So a long with cloth diapering I'm also  exclusively breast-feeding. I'm someone that doesn't feel the need to find a room to hide in or but a cover over my baby when she is eating. This does at times get some looks, in the  grocery store I have had some  Extremely  shocked women walk by and talk to each other about it. At other times I have noted the looks of shock from other people when put. So today when in a clothing store when my little one wanted to eat I thought nothing of taking her out of her  stroller and feeding her, I knew I would get looks from some people as I always do but I have never had anyone come up and say anything to me, that is till today. So when a women walked by me and looked at me and looked as if she wanted to say something but kept walking I thought to my self ok this is going to be the first time that someone bitches at me for feeding my kid. But to my  surprise what the women had to say was nothing bad but she walked back to tell me keep it up that she has been breastfeeding for 16 months and that she feeds in  public and hasn't had anyone say anything but that she also doesn't see others doing the same, and that I need to keep it up. It was great that the first time someone says anything about me breastfeeding out in the open that it's nothing  negative but something positive words and  encouragement From one mother to another! It truly was a  encouragement and empowerment as some other women that weren't to happy with it looked on.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Four weeks postpartum

so here I'm four weeks postpartum, and I have to say I think it's harder now then the first few days home with my little one. For many reasons this was the first full week that my husband was back at work, I truly valued and greatfull that he was able to be off work for almost a full three weeks. It not only gave him bonding time but did things like gave me time to shower use the restroom when our little one doesn't want to be put down because he could hold her, but with him back at work it's just me. It's been harder then I thought it would be now that his back, with the mix of not having someone to help and her being  extremely colicky meaning that I'm just completely exhaust. To top it off my in laws are coming this week to see the baby so at some point I need to clean the house, as it is I'm just  barely keeping up with Basic sensual laundry.
I truly don't know how women do this  completely alone, or the women that have to go back to work at this time or at the six week park. I'm hoping that in the next few weeks I'll be back to get back to doing some work for the shop because I have some great ideas for things. However right now the only thing I truly plan on doing is hoping to get some sleep now that the little one is  finally  Thank god asleep!!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Halo swaddle

when my little girl was first born, I mean the day she was born she was ok with being swaddled but after that she was having none of it. She cried the whole time so till two days ago I had given up on the idea that swaddling would be a way to  calm her and help her sleep. However after her not really sleep for two nights and most of the day, I thought what the hell Im going to give swaddling other try hoping that it would work even fore a little bit and to my great surprises  it worked! It was great  during the day but for some reason it didn't work as well at night, I wasn't sure why really, I thought maybe it was that I couldn't get her swaddled tight after I changed her diaper at night, partly becuase I was so tired trying to do it. I had been swaddling her the "old" way meaning using a   Receiving blanket, in truth I thought that the swaddling blanket that had the  velcro were something I didn't need after all I know how to use a blanket flooded to swaddled. But at this point  I thought ok I'm giving I. And getting one hoping that it would help. I have to say the Halo sleep bag swaddled combo may be the best thing I have spent money on. Here is why the bag part has a zipper, that opens starting at the feet making it easy to change the diaper with out un doing the swaddle of the upper body. That's great because that means baby doesn't wake up all the way! Making it easy to change and feed and get her back to sleep in just a few minutes, meaning that I get to go back to sleep! Before using the Halo swaddled the only way that she would go back to sleep was on my chest with me holding her meaning I wasn't getting much sleep or good sleep because it was taking her along time to get back to sleep.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Three weeks postpartum

 What a complete whirlwind the past 2 1/2 almost 3 weeks has been. I little girl was born and came home, I have to say nothing  truly prepares you for bringing a little one home that's definitely for sure.  Even with my husband having time off work and being here which I have to say has been great giving me the opportunity to as crazy it sounds leave her with someone and just step out for a few minutes and keep my bit of my sanity, along with my mother being here I have all the great blessings I truly do not understand how anyone can do this without help.  That being said I do know that I've had a relatively easy time with her, for the most part she's been sleeping through the night. I don't wake her to feed her if she wakes to eat then I know she's hungry and she wants to eat I am not someone that believes you should wake a baby to feed them if they're hungry they will weaken want to eat and when she wants to eat she eats.  However there have been a few nights where she is up and just doesn't want to sleep, however for the most part getting her back to sleep to be solved by her sleeping on my chest she just wants to be near and  held close, and I truly understand that after all the world is big and scary to her she's only been in it to an a half weeks being near me it's what she's known her entire existence. But the sleeping arrangement has been difficult for my husband I know because he's a very do everything by the book kind of person and all of the classes we took and books we read all are very against  Cosleeping for safety. However I do believe that cosleeping is in many ways much more natural at this age then to try and put them in a crib or bassinet and just let them cry. I did have a friend that came to visit I had a better week after she was born they did say something about well you know you don't have  to go to her all the time you can just let her cry, but to me I can't there is nothing more horrible for me to feel then to look at her crying and have a look of fear and anxiety and her face to me it is my job to comfort her and make her feel safe in this world so how  could I just let her cry until she exhaust yourself then she is  knowing anxiety and fear unnecessarily and I can't be the cause for that to start for her the world will do that enough to her now is the time for her to be comforted and that means I lose some sleep then that's the deal I made.

 For the first two weeks of her life my husband was home from work so it was really nice to not be alone and doing everything as well as it was great to see her bond with her daddy. The first day that he went back to work was a little hard I think mostly because she did miss having him here but that is the way that it has to be. Last night was the first night that she just would not go back to sleep no matter what so I was up with her because after all he was going up a very long day at work about a 16 hour day and I didn't want to make him try and stay up when if she's not going to go back to sleep she's not gonna go back to sleep no reason for both of us to completely lose sleep when I'm the one that's going to be home and have the opportunity to nap when she does,  so I got up and was up most of the night with her she's just had a growth spurt time wanting to eat and just be held every time I put her down she wake back up so I just set up and held her as she eat.  I read a lot and had a lot of people tell me oh swaddle her and she'll fall asleep, has continued to try swaddling her and for the most part she hates it she cries more and doesn't  sooth herself at all.  However luckily this afternoon
after a long night of very little sleep for both of us I decided to try swaddling her again and this time it comes her completely and put her right to sleep, I'm hoping that this is a new trend and that swaddling will be something that will work to help her rest and feel comforted without having to  be held all the time.  Not that I don't completely love and enjoy holding this little bundle of joy, but I do feel that it's good for her to be able to sleep without being held.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Birth of my little girl

 Saturday March 18. I gave birth to what I have to say is the most  perfect little girl. It was a truly life changing  experience that's for sure, even more so then I thought it would be. I  decided to go "natural" meaning no epidural, after all all births are natural. Choosing to not have an epidural was something I knew I was going to do, but at the time that she was crowning I remember thinking why did I do this. Not just the no epidural but the whole birth thing, but the  moment she was put on my chest the fare and pain of giving her life  what's the place with the most sensational peace and love that  compares to nothing else in the world. As I looked at her for the first time I  began to cry not for sadness but of joy or over  whelming emotion of every kind.