Thursday, December 20, 2018

Finding a routine

I have had a hard time finding a good routine, and with out one I am starting to feel a little lost in my life. Now that Grace is a toddler I am finding it hard to get up and do things, I get up with her easily in the morning but I just am not doing anything becuase I am so tired I end up going back to sleep a few hours later and have her dad get up with her so I can sleep a little bit more before he goes to work. But by doing this Ido get going with my day till it's almost afternoon. Now that I'm back in school it's even harder to find the right routine, that's why I haven't put up a blog of video in so long. This just isn't working the way it is! I think the only thing that I can do is make my self stay up and deal with a few days of being very tired to make myself get in to a routine.
I know what I need to have in my daily routine, I just don't know how to make myself do it! It's something I need to do because I want her to see a good routine from me in life and that's not what I have been showing her, sadly what I have been showing her is someone that is just kind off get by each day, someone that lives in sweats, they are clean but still I have been doing the bear  minimum as far as putting myself together each day. It's not that I think I need to do make up everyday even when I was working I didn't wear makeup everyday but I was always pulled together.
I have never been one fore New Years  resolution  But this year getting a routine is my resolution, but I'm not waiting till the New Year I'm staring tomorrow! Because the way I have been isn't making me happy at all and I want to be happy! So I'm making a change!